Thursday, 22 June 2017

Biggest Oz Lotto Jackpot Record - $112 Million

The hugest OZ Lotto jackpot in Australia of $111,972,151 million was won in the draw on 6 November 2012.

Biggest Oz Lotto Jackpot Record - $112 Million

The jackpot was so huge due to the fact that no person all through the nation managed to match the seven winning numbers of the game during 9 consecutive weeks (rollovers).

In November of 2012, OZ Lotto went up to this amount when four players were able to win the prize pool of almost $112 million split between them. One of the winning tickets were bought from Harvey Newsagency. A poor family from the South West area claimed it.

The owner of Harvey Newsagency, Trish Forward stated that customers were emerging from throughout the State to go to the store, hoping to obtain part of the Lotto luck.

‘Many new customers have visited us as they were travelling, just to obtain a ticket from us. This has been wonderful for the community as well. They are extremely grateful that a family that truly merited it, got it,’ she stated.

WWA players have up to 6pm on draw days to buy tickets for the OZ Lotto jackpot with a minimum jackpot of $2 million from Lotterywest retailers in-store, downloading the app for Lotterywest or Play Online.

Pina Compagnone, the spokesperson for Lotterywest said it was anticipated that a lot of local players would join the jackpot due to the huge grand prize.

‘When we are most busy, 400 tickets will be produced each minute from Lotterywest and we therefore advise players to obtain their tickets early,’ she remarked.

The cash remains in WA when you engage in playing Lotterywest Games. Support is provided to the community through its statutory support to sports, health and the arts as well as through direct grants.

The jackpot roll going to 9 weeks facilitated the raising of $15 million and more to support the community in WA.