Saturday, 16 December 2017

These Are the Best Worldwide Lottery Games that Give You Best Odds of Striking It Big

Lottery games are simplistic games that revolve around numbers. Through lucky number picks and betting odds, lottery games are a main source of high hopes and big dreams to individuals from around the world. While some players are regulars who consistently purchase tickets for their favorite lotto games, other players wait until a specific game reaches a certain monetary value before they invest in tickets. 

Lotto tickets for the best lotto games can be purchased locally, or – what many have found to be the most convenient option – online through trusted lottery ticket providers like Lottosend or TheLotter. But, what is really the best lottery game to play in the complex world of lottery? To establish a list of the top 8 best lottery providers in the world, we must first establish a criteria to follow. 

Should the list be all about the top prizes? Highest odds of winning the secondary prize? Best odds of winning any single prize overall? We could go on all day about what makes a lottery good and bad, for let's take the simplistic approach of going with the best lotteries that offer the best prizes. 

U.S. Mega Millions Lotto

It should be of no surprise to anyone that American lottery games are considered some of the best in the world. Their grand prize jackpots are massive, specifically the Mega Millions and Powerball games, two giants in the world of lotto. The US Mega Millions has dished out the second largest lottery prize in the history of all lotto games – which came out to $648 million and was won by two lucky ticket holders. Furthermore, the Mega Millions dished out the single largest jackpot prize of all time, a massive $656 million, which was won by three ticket holders in March 2012. Whether you're new to the lottery or are an ardent player, it's definitely worth investing a few dollars into the the US Mega Millions. 

US Powerball 

There are a few key traits that make the US Powerball the second best lotto game out there. The US Powerball is dynamic and has plenty of sizeable prizes under the grand prize. The US Powerball became even more wildly popular among players when the rules were modified back in January 2012, which increased the size of the main jackpots by two times, the number pools shrunk, and the Power Play feature turned into a fixed multiplier able to double the Powerball's second-level prize to $2 million. Later after the rule changes, the US Powerball broke its record when in May 2013 a lucky player won a cool $590.5 million. 


The EuroMillions lottery is the undisputed leader in all European lotto games. The EuroMillions is one of the few multi-national lotto games that unites lottery organizations from several countries, which includes: Beligum, Austria, the UK, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland. The EuroMillions top prizes can reach as much as 190 million Euros, which is the most that has ever been won by any single ticket holder. On occasion, the EuroMillions will organize special drawings that are called EuroMillions Superdraws, which places the jackpot at an automatic, 100 million Euros, regardless of the what happened during the previous draw. 

Whether you're in Europe, the United States, Australia, or even South America, the biggest European lotto game is definitely one you should keep a consistent eye on. 

EuroMillions UK 

Aside the unified EuroMillion lottery, the UK created their own version of the classic EuroMillion game by making it UK-specific and by adding a raffle feature. In this game, each ticket contains a random code and must match the code featured in the respective drawing to win. A winning combination comes out to an automatic 1 million Euros. Uniquely, during the EuroMillions UK Special Draws, there can be up to 100 individual winners, which can create a possible 100 millionaires over one night. 

Loteria de Navidad 

Spain’s annual Loteria de Navidad, or Christmas Lottery, is one of the most unique, longest running lotto games in the world with its roots going back to the 18th century. The Loteria de Navidad is a raffle held once a year around Christmas time. The game dishes out prizes worth approximately 2.24 million Euros. It’s the most popular lottery in Spain, and even Spanish citizens who don’t play the lottery will invest a few euros into a raffle ticket or two for a shot at one of the biggest payouts in the world. The Loteria de Navidad is a Christmas tradition, and as such it’s custom to purchase tickets for the family as a Christmas present. 


While it is technically the youngest of Europe’s major lotto games, the EuroJackpot is rapidly gaining more attention and rising in popularity among European lotto players. In some European countries, the EuroJackpot is even more popular than the megalithic EuroMillions lotto. Similar to the EuroMillions, the EuroJackpot unites small and large European countries like Denmark, Croatia, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Slovenia. Because tickets are sold in so many countries, it should be no problem finding low-priced EuroJackpot tickets online from reputable vendors. 

International tickets:

Powerball Australia 

The Powerball Australia is the equivalent to the well known US Powerball, and follows the same essential format. The Australian Powerball is the arguably the most popular Australian lotto game among its citizens. While its jackpot sizes and odds can’t really compare to the superior US Powerball game, its grand prizes go as high as $80 million. Luckily, the odds of winning the Australian Powerball’s jackpot are much better compared to the 1 in 175 million chance players have of winning the American version of the game. 

La Primitiva 

The Spanish lottery known as La Primitiva is gaining much traction among residential and international lottery players. The La Primitiva holds weekly drawing on Thursdays and Saturdays. A few noticeable record breaking jackpots worth mentioning occurred in 2005 when the grand prize hit 24.92 million euros, 26 million euros in 2007, 32 million euros in 2013, and up to 66.6 million euros in August of 2013. The jackpot’s increasing trajectory is a good indication that the game will get bigger in bigger. Now’s a good time to get in.