Monday, 2 October 2017

Irish Lotto: €5,000 To Be Donated to Pieta House by Owner of Shop Which Sold €4.5 Million Winning Lotto Ticket

€4.5 Million Winning Lotto Ticket

This weekend was a winning one for some people, as one individual became winner of Saturday’s jackpot for €4.5 million while on Friday, another one became winner of the Daily Million prize. 

Seamus Griffin Group’s Seamus Griffin who is the owner of 13 Londis shops throughout Ireland stated that he was happy to learn that he sold the Daily Millions ticket that won. 

But, he shall contribute the seller’s bonus of €5,000 to Pieta House. This is a charity that he has been giving assistance in regard to raising cash. While in Kerry on Friday night, as Griffin was organizing to raise funds through a walk on Saturday in Carrantuohill with 165 retailers from Londis to assist Pieta House, he received a call stating that he had been the seller of the Daily Million ticket that won.

He stated, ‘There was remarkable excitement when we received the late at night on Friday from National Lottery to state that we had been the sellers of the Daily Million ticket that won.’ 

‘Our stores have previously experienced huge wins, however, this is our first time to sell a winning ticket for Daily Million.’ 

‘I am with 165 individuals in Kerry who are from Londis store network. We are carrying out a Pieta House walk, which is a charity that is awesome and I am happy to contribute to them my seller’s bonus.’ 

Employees from 13 stores belonging to Mr. Griffins who took part in the walk collected €35,000 whereas in total, the Londis Group collected €100,000 and more for the charity.

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